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US Towson - USA

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  • 5.0000 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 5.0000 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 5.0000 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 5.0000 Star Rating: Recommended

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Beschreibung der Schule

Since 1985, the ELC has offered a comprehensive English language program to strengthen your language skills, develop your cross cultural awareness, and enrich your personal growth and development. The ELC program is for students who want to pursue university study in the United States as well as for students who want to improve their English for employment purposes.

The ELC offers three programs of instruction each year; the fall and spring semesters are 15 weeks long and there is a 10 week summer session.  Students are enrolled in the core courses of Reading, Writing, Grammar, Listening, and Speaking at one of four levels of instruction: beginning through advanced. In addition, students will be assigned one course from a series of English Applications, and they work in the Language Resource Laboratory.

Successful completion of upper level classes allows students to waive the TOEFL exam and enter Towson University if other qualifications are met.

Beschreibung der Einrichtungen der Schule

ELC students are eligible to use all university facilities including the gyms, tennis courts, climbing wall, library, restaurants, book store, health and counseling centers, free movie rentals, swimming pool, and more.

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Akademische Kurse
Allgemeine und Intensivkurse
Au-pair Programm
Ferienkurse für Erwachsene
Ferienkurse fur Jugendliche
High School
  High School Vorbereitungskurse
Kurse für Geschäftsleute/Business
Kurse Plus (Sport, Kultur etc.)
Kurse zur Prüfungsvorbereitung
Programme für Senioren
Sommerprogramme oder Camps
Spezialisierte Kurse
Sprachimmersion im Zuhause des Lehrers
Trainingsprogramme für Lehrer
Universitätsgrund- oder Vorbereitungskurse

Kursbeschreibung und Preise

Four levels of intensive English (from beginning to advanced), with courses in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and grammar. Please visit our website for details concerning courses and current prices.

Zertifikate & Prüfungsvorbereitung

A TOEFL preparation course is offered every semester followed by the administration of a paper-based exam.  Results are accepted at both the undergraduate and graduate levels of Towson University.  Students who complete the ELC program with grades of B- or better do not need to take the TOEFL for admission to Towson.

Nationalität und Durchschnittsalter der Sprachschüler & durchschnittliche Anzahl von Lernenden pro Kurs

Students come from around the world - Korea, Taiwan, China, Mali, Senegal, France, Saudi Arabia, Colombia, Peru, Vietnam, Thailand, Spain - with a majority (65%) coming from Asia.


Social events, introducing you to life on an American campus and to the Baltimore region, are an important part of the ELC program. 

Activities occur monthly and include a welcome party, an off-campus trip (Washington, D.C., NYC, OCean City, Annapolis, Harper's Ferry, or the Amish country in Pennsylvania), an ELC lunch, a party at a teacher's home, events related to American holidays, and a final reception.

ELC students may also participate in International Week during the spring semester, and they are encouraged to bring their national costumes to wear during International Week activities.


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Beim Lehrer zuhause
  Kurse ohne Unterkunft
Wohnung / Apartment

Behindertengerechter Zugang

All buildings on campus are wheelchair accessible.  There is ample handicap parking.

Transfer von Flughafen / Bahnhof

BWI - Baltimore Washington International Airport is most convenient.  In addition, there is Washington National and Dulles International in Virginia.

Visa Unterstützung

I-20s are issued by the university for those seeking F1 student visas.

The International Student and Scholar Office on campus is available to assist students with visa renewal and extension issues.

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8000 York Road
Postleitzahl : MD 21252
Stadt : Towson
Land : USA

Telefon : +1 410-704-2552
Fax : +1 410-704-2090
Website :

Latest student review

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Chenwei ben H.

Von Chenwei ben H. (Taipei - Taiwan)

im Mai 2009 - Taiwan

I studied at ELC starting from Level 1 (basic) to Level 4/upper level (advance) and entered Towson University (formerly as Towson State University). After graduating from undergraduate program of Towson University, I found the Jobs at CPA firm and well-known bank and finished the MBA degree with the sponsorship offered by the bank I worked in.

After working in USA for 7 years, I got the job opportunity in Asia, Taiwan, to handle the regional financial and accounting matters, covering seven countries - Korea, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Australia, India, and Singapore, in South East Asia.

The lovely story I would like to share is that my wife was also ELC student. We met each other there and got married three years after our graduating from undergraduate program of Towson University.

ELC is not only the school providing the language lesson and program but also my family in USA. Without their advice and constant attention to detail, I would not have enjoyed myself and achieved my personal milestones nearly so much.

We would like to thank Lynda and teachers in ELC for the care they have shown in their handling of language program.

ChenWei (Ben) Hsieh

Giovani A.

Von Giovani A. (Altamira - Brazil)

im Mai 2009 - Brazil

I had the best time of my life during the year that I was taking classes at the ELC. I got here without speaking any english, but instead of feeling scared or discouraged, I felt like home!The teachers are like your family, and the friends you make all support each other. The ELC offers plenty of activities, either social and academic that will help you achieve your goals. Today, I'm a Nursing student, and thanks to the ELC, I see my goals closer. There is no other place I would recommend. The ELC is the right place for you! I'll carry this amazing experience for the rest of my life.
Giovani Aguiar

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