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PA Panama City - Panama

  • 4.9000 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 4.9000 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 4.9000 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 4.9000 Star Rating: Recommended
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Vicki S.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Von Vicki S.

im Mai 2016

Sept-Oct 2015: 60 hours of private classes

I have taken Spanish lessons in Buenos Aires, Cart... Mehr lesen

Trenna L.

Von Trenna L.

im Mai 2016

Wonderful experience

April 2016 What a wonderful way to get started wi... Mehr lesen

Kisheyna D.

Von Kisheyna D.

im April 2016

Habla Ya is a Wonderful Spanish School!

I went to Panama City for my first solo internatio... Mehr lesen


Le Blue Building 2A
1st Street (Otilia A. de Tejeira)
El Carmen
Postleitzahl : 0816
Stadt : Panama City
Land : Panama

Telefon : +507 3948326
Latest student review

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Vicki S.
  • 4 Star Rating: Recommended

Von Vicki S. ()

im Mai 2016

Sept-Oct 2015: 60 hours of private classes

I have taken Spanish lessons in Buenos Aires, Cartagena and my hometown of Seattle. Grammatically speaking, I'm a perpetual intermediate-level speaker. Yet, I live in Latin America, which means I learn vernacular Spanish every day.

When I decided (once again), to clean up my bad grammar, I signed up for sixty hours of private lessons at Habla Ya in Panama City. I asked for a teacher who could adapt to my peculiar knowledge base, and plan a strategy to fill in the gaps.

I was very fortunate when I was handed over to Judith Barrett. She quickly assessed my weaknesses, and customized a curriculum that both challenged me, and made me feel successful everyday. Her lectures on grammar were thorough, and she answered my never-ending questions with patient clarity. Languages are tough for me, and Judith delivered a productive and supportive classroom environment.

Important for me, Judith also speaks English. I have taken enough classes to know that I learn more when Spanish grammar can be directly compared to English. Judith is an expert at the differences between the languages, which makes her highly effective for English speaking students. Too many schools are rigidly immersive, and that is definitely not the best way for me to learn.

Hable Ya has comfortable classrooms and a good location. It's close to the metro, and just a short walk to Via Argentina in El Cangrejo. It's a good quality school in the heart of the city, and I would recommend it to anyone coming through Panama City.

Trenna L.

Von Trenna L. ()

im Mai 2016

Wonderful experience

April 2016
What a wonderful way to get started with learning Spanish. Everyone was so helpful and eager to give us the whole Panama experience they had activities for us to do in the evenings, they arranged for us to stay in a Panamanian home so that we could use our Spanish in every day life. Bladimer was my teacher and only spoke to me in Spanish so it was so exciting when I could understand and I learned so much. I understand more than I can speak but it was wonderful to work with Bladimer he was patient and very helpful. I hadn't used my Spanish in 50 years. There are so many people that I want to talk with and this gave me the confidence to keep it up.

Kisheyna D.

Von Kisheyna D. ()

im April 2016

Habla Ya is a Wonderful Spanish School!

I went to Panama City for my first solo international trip and I loved this school! Habla Ya is something I really wanted to do, especially since this is a country that speaks predominately Spanish. I wasn't spoiled with the luxury of many people speaking English so I had to brush up on my spanish again.

I was rusty since I havent done a lick on Spanish in 11 years...but Habla Ya paired me with Nohley who was a great teacher. I eas nervous because the majority of my lesson was completely in spanish. I took a 4 hour course but it was worth more than I ever took in high school and college. I highly recommend this school. Great energy and learning experience.

Anna B.

Von Anna B. ()

im April 2016

Perfect time in Habla Ya!

I found this school cause I wanted to practice my Spanish. When I arrived in Panama City my level was very basic. I started a 80 hours class and now I am fluent!
I am living here so I can't speak about hosting, but I found everything I needed. They organized events, dinner, trips and sightseeing...
My teacher was competent but also nice, funny and she find every day a new way to impress me and to involve me. I had class every day, every morning, it was hard, yes, but such a satisfaction now that I can say and understand everything!

So thanks Bellalina and thanks Habla Ya!

Patti H.

Von Patti H. (Vancouver - Canada)

im März 2016 - Canada

Fun Learning Spanish at Habla Ya in Panama

In February/March 2016, a friend and I attended 2 weeks of Spanish classes at the Habla Ya School in Panama City. I was impressed with the DELE levels approach that the school used including systematic teaching and authentic communication activities to practice the language structures, and we had fun! We were lucky enough to have a class of two and Bladimir as our teacher. It was very satisfying to learn language structures/grammar and to immediately put them to use communicating in class and in the Spanish environment of Panama City and our homestays. We got to know some of the other Habla Ya teachers and they were all pleasant and enthusiastic about teaching Spanish through communication activities. We had fun going as a group on an excursion to Casco Viejo, the old town of Panama, and using Spanish on a treasure hunt of landmarks. It was also fun getting to know other students at the Habla Ya school. There were interesting people from many countries with a variety of ages.

Joe C.

Von Joe C. (Malvern - United Kingdom)

im März 2016 - United Kingdom

Great School in Panama City

I spent four weeks studying at HablaYa while living in Panama City and the experience was fantastic. Ezequiel , my teacher and Director of the Panama school (I believe) , is unbelievably passionate about teaching and making sure all the students at the school are getting the best experience possible. He is an incredibly enthusiastic and patient person (essential qualities as a teacher!) and always had time for his students when they needed help - both inside and outside of the classroom. The school has activities - including salsa classes, film nights and sightseeing - organised on every single night of the week, and everything is done with a smile. Overall an amazing experience, and I cannot recommend the school or Ezequiel highly enough.

Art B.

Von Art B. ()

im Januar 2016

I am from the USA living in Panama

I am retired and living in Panama. My wife is Panamanian and is very fluent in Spanish where I never used Spanish before. I needed to take lessons but I was very hesitant on where or when to sign up for classes. I had seen information about "Habla Ya", but at that time they were located in Bocas del Toro and I live in Panama City. However, recently "Habla Ya" opened a new facility in Panama City were I saw they were advertising with a special for Panama residents. The location is very convenient and they do have limited parking at the facility.

I signed up for introductory personal instruction for 60 hours. I had no idea about Spanish (except for a few overworked phrases from the movies) and I found the classes were structured to introduce me to the language. The syllabus is very well organized and the instructional book provided is easy to follow and understand.

My instructor, Bellalina Batista, is well educated in the Spanish language. My instructor understood my difficulties with trying to grasp a new language and set a pace that I could maintain. I met other instructors as well and they all have a deep understanding of the language.

I had an excellent experience with "Habla Ya". Through them I have a good foundation to understand Spanish and I am able to communicate on a very basic level with others.

Irene P.

Von Irene P. (Las Vegas - USA)

im November 2015 - USA

Habla Ya Panama City

I took a 4-week Spanish course with Habla Ya at the Panama City campus in Sept of 2015. I had over 100 hours of instruction during my 4-weeks , and over 100 hours of additional practice outside of the class. I really enjoyed everything about my experience with the school and with my host family. As a woman traveling alone, Panama City felt very safe and they was plenty to do alone or with other students and teachers. It seemed like Habla Ya took special care to make sure I had an excellent experience. My instructor Bladimir was charming, friendly and encouraging. My host family challenged me to use my Spanish every day! The Spanish teachers were very skilled and I enjoyed both my class time and activities outside of class with the instructors. Any one of the teachers could be an excellent ambassador for Panama. I came away with a good understanding of Spanish and of Panamanian culture.

Aliona G.

Von Aliona G. ()

im Juni 2015

Habla ya con HablaYa

Hace algún tiempo termine las clases con el profesor Sergio. No puedo olvidar lo profesional del profesor ni la eficiencia de la escuela HablaYa. Hay muchas cosas que me gustaron mientras estudie aquí, lo que me gusto mas era el trato especial 100%. El horario es cómodo, la enseñanza tome en cuenta mi experiencia anterior y preferencias en los ejercicios, actitud siempre con cortesía y ética. Lo recomiendo a todos los que quieran estudiar español. Ten en cuenta que hay muchas mas actividades además de las clases, por ejemplo las noches de salsa, excursiones y otras mas

Brandon S.

Von Brandon S. (Houston - USA)

im Mai 2015 - USA

Habla Ya Panama City Campus

I took a Spanish course with Habla Ya at the Panama City campus. I really enjoyed everything about my experience with the school. Both the teachers and the staff were extremely friendly and took every opportunity to get to know me and spend time with me outside of class. Everyone at the school seemed to really like their job and enjoy working with Spanish students.

During my time at Habla Ya, I worked with Sergio, Ezekiel, Victor and Ruth. All were very skilled Spanish teachers. Their experience working with students showed in their patience, their clarity and ability to engage their students in conversations and activities.

I watched sporting events with Sergio, I had profoundly deep conversations about life and world events with Victor, and I joked with Ezekiel in our free time.

However, what impressed me the most was how eager they were to spend time with me outside of class. On weekends and weekday evenings, teachers such as Sergio, Ezekiel, Katherine and Judy would spend hours chatting with me in Spanish. They each love being ambassadors for Panama.

Each member of the staff at the Panama City campus took my Spanish education personally and wanted to see me succeed.

Thanks to Sergio, Ezekiel, Victor, Ruth, Leidy's, Katherine, Judy, Angie and Carlos!

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