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ES Granate - Spanien

  • 5.0000 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 5.0000 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 5.0000 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 5.0000 Star Rating: Recommended
  • 5.0000 Star Rating: Recommended

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Janelle M.

Von Janelle M.

im November 2015

Delengua is an EXCELLENT language school and is lo... Mehr lesen

Marylène L.

Von Marylène L.

im Oktober 2015

Haaaa... Granada...!!

Je suis arrivée début septembre à Granada sans sav... Mehr lesen

Manuela L.

Von Manuela L.

im Oktober 2015


Ich war dieses Jahr schon zum zweiten Mal bei Dele... Mehr lesen


Calderería Vieja, 20
Postleitzahl : 18010
Stadt : Granada
Land : Spain

Telefon : +34 958 204535
Fax : +34 958 204535
Latest student review

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Janelle M.

Von Janelle M. ()

im November 2015

Delengua is an EXCELLENT language school and is located in one of the coolest areas of Granada. All of the teachers are not only knowledgeable, but also incredibly welcoming and friendly. They make the classroom feel less like a classroom and more like a place for conversation - which is great when you're learning another language. There's also activities to do every night that give you a better taste of life in Granada. Overall I highly recommend this school if you're looking to learn Spanish as well as experience the culture of Granada!

Marylène L.

Von Marylène L. ()

im Oktober 2015

Haaaa... Granada...!!

Je suis arrivée début septembre à Granada sans savoir faire une phrase en espagnol et en suis partie un mois plus tard avec un niveau A2, en pouvant me débrouiller dans la rue sans avoir à recourir à l'anglais, épatant les gens par ma rapidité d'apprentissage. Parler français aide à apprendre l'espagnol, mais les conditions d'apprentissage de l'école sont vraiment au top, pas plus de 8 grand max par classe, des niveaux vraiment similaires pour progresser au mieux, des profs compétents et sympas, de belles rencontres. Bref, n'hésitez pas !

Manuela L.

Von Manuela L. (Berlin - Germany)

im Oktober 2015 - Germany


Ich war dieses Jahr schon zum zweiten Mal bei Delengua und habe die Zeit wieder sehr genossen. Das Team ist großartig, die Schule liegt perfekt und auch das Freizeitangebot ist super. Granada ist ja sowieso ein Traum, aber die netten Leute hier machen den Besuch noch besser! Ich bin nächstes Jahr wieder hier!

Olga D.

Von Olga D. ()

im Oktober 2015

Испания для души

DeLengua - это потрясающий уголок необыкновенного города Испании. Свой особенный мир создают руководители и преподаватели. Здесь можно жить, учиться и собираться каждый вечер вместе, изучая историю, культуру, постепенно забывая русский и английский и просто отдыхая..
Время, проведенное в школе, стоит небольших денег и огромной ностальгии.
Я снова собираю чемодан, чего и вам желаю ;)

Ricardo R.

Von Ricardo R. (Adelaide - Australia)

im Juni 2015 - Australia

Highly qualified teachers

My 3 weeks studying in Delengua in Granada were the best 3 weeks of my life. The school is very well equipped and the teachers are very well trained and qualified. What I liked the most about Delengua was the atmosphere. Teachers are fun and seem to really want to be there and engage with the students. I was also very pleased with the excursions that were provided by the school outside class hours. The accommodation provided was clean, comfortable and in the Albaicin. I only have great things to say about Delengua. I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to learn Spanish and explore Granada!

Joseph K.

Von Joseph K. (Dublin - Ireland)

im Mai 2015 - Ireland

Great for fun and serious language students

I studied with Delengua in Granada for 2 weeks in May 2015 and had a fantastic time. The classes are intense but enjoyable and cover grammar and conversation with extra classes offered, all at a very reasonable rate. The teachers are all first rate, you will never enjoy Spanish grammar as much! The school also offers accommodation either in apartments or with families. My apartment next door to the school was beautiful and in the old part of town, 'El Albaicin', which is full of music and charm. I highly recommend it for all levels of Spanish students.

Danielle R.

Von Danielle R. ()

im Mai 2015

Amazing teachers, fun school!!

When I signed up for classes, after having attended a university semester abroad in Alicante, I had very high expectations of what I wanted from a language school. Delengua absolutely delivered above and beyond these expectations. Not only did I catch up on my previously forgotten Spanish, but I even managed to improve to a level beyond what I had initially gotten to due to their excellent conversation classes and regular social activities, there were always opportunities to practice speaking - which I never got at University. Thank you so much to the Teachers and Staff at Delengua, you have inspired me to take my Spanish speaking to a new level and really try to live and work there in Spain one day! Xox

Diana N.

Von Diana N. (Derbent - )

im April 2015

бесценный и незабываемый опыт

Провела 6 прекрасных и незабываемых недель в Гранаде благодаря школе delengua. Самые лучшие преподаватели и прекрасные условия для изучения испанского языка здесь:-). Каждую неделю есть возможность завести друзей из самых разных стран!! Всем советую!!!

Ben O.

Von Ben O. (london - United Kingdom)

im September 2014 - United Kingdom

An excellent language school

I knew virtually nothing about Granada before arriving here for my language course at Delengua, but thanks to the friendly and welcoming staff, diverse and engaging students, and varied list of cultural activities I felt at home in no time. Delengua offers quality courses taught by professional teachers; classes are well structured and include a good mix of both grammar and conversation. Activities are also a positive way to interact with other students - the school provides an excellent opportunity to get to know great new people. Granada, moreover, is one of the most impressionable cities I have ever visited. If you´re looking to improve your Spanish while spending time in a beautifully captivating city, Delengua should be your choice.

Anne-sophie M.

Von Anne-sophie M. (Vierzon - France)

im Dezember 2013 - France

Une expérience formidable

Je ne connaissais absolument pas cette ville ni cette école jusqu'à ce qu'une amie me la recommande alors j'ai décidé d'effectuer mon stage à Grenade et à "Escuela Delengua". J'ai fais un stage de 6 semaines ici et je ne regrette rien, le personnel d'encadrement est trés professionnel. Les classes en petit groupe permettent un travail plus personnel, plus appronfondis et donc plus efficace.
Je vous la recommande!

Isabel G.

Von Isabel G. (Newcastle - United Kingdom)

im Oktober 2013 - United Kingdom


I took an intensive Spanish course at Delengua for 4 weeks and I got so much out of my experience!

My Spanish improved rapidly because classes are small and level based which was challenging and I got the chance to practise my conversation a lot!

Furthermore, Delengua organised cultural activities such as tapas, flamenco and visits to the Alhambra so I got to see all that Granada had to offer!

Helder R.

Von Helder R. (Granada - Spain)

im July 2013 - Spain

A melhor escola de espanhol em um lugar fantástico

Granada � uma cidade maravilhosa, e para quem quer aprender espanhol a cidade � uma �tima escolha!
Viver em Granada e estudar na Delengua � um sonho, pois com custo-benef�cio excelente podemos viver integralmente esta experi�ncia atrav�s de professores qualificados, aulas divertidas, ambiente agrad�vel, colegas de todo o mundo e atividades todos os dias! A escola � transparente desde o in�cio e ajuda os alunos nas diversas necessidades que possam ter!!! Vivi em Granada e estudei 2 meses em Delengua uma escola que recomendo muuuuito a todos e espero um dia poder voltar a estudar!!!

Kwang seon J.

Von Kwang seon J. (Granada - Spain)

im July 2013 - Spain

Una experiencia que no podria olvidarla en Delengua

Situada en un lugar fantastico, los profesores perfectos y los amigos muy simpaticos. Tambien podria tener una experiencia buenisima con los actividades de delengua por Granada, una ciudad de historia, libertad y tapas! A mi me encanta! espero que a ti tambien!

Jess W.

Von Jess W. (Bristol/Birmingham - United Kingdom)

im July 2013 - United Kingdom

Exactly what you want from a language school!

I spent 2 weeks studying at Escuela Delengua and would recommend it to students of all levels! As Delengua is a small school you can build up close relationships with both classmates and teachers which is essential! The teachers are fantastic and will tailor their classes to your needs and interests and are always willing to support you with and answer any questions that you may have. The cultural activities give you the opportunity to experience all aspects of Spanish life. I thoroughly enjoyed my time as a student at Delengua and would recommend it to everyone!

Antoinette C.

Von Antoinette C. (Manchester - United Kingdom)

im Februar 2013 - United Kingdom

Great teachers, fantastic experience

I studied at Delengua for 2 weeks and would definitely do it again! The teachers are really friendly, knowledgable and great at explaining complicated grammar and in the afternoons and evenings there are activities to get to know other students at the school. As I´m staying on in Granada for Erasmus, this is great as I now know lots of people in the city!

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